Whoop Strap

whoop strap

Let’s check out the whoop strap

The whoop strap is an incredible peace of fitness technology along with the most reliable sleep tracker along with heart rate, hrv(heart rate variability) and raspatory rate tracking. Alongside a host of other benefits such as all-day heart rate tracking calories burned, overall day strain and day recovery score.

Know your recovery

Know your recovery every morning and see how primed you are for the day.

There are three recovery scorers, red poor recovery (0%-33%), yellow average recovery (34%-66%) and green full recovery (67%-100%). Recovery is based on resting heart rate, hrv (heart rate variability), respiratory rate and how well you slept. These metrics will be measured to give you a personalized recovery score. This is awesome technology tell when your body is ready to perform or when you need to take some rest.

Understanding sleep

The first way whoop helps you understand your sleep is with an incredibly accurate sleep monitor and second is a sleep coach to help understand your circadian rhythm for better sleep. In conclusion, both metrics are combined to give you real understanding of how well you sleep.

The sleep tracker will track time spent in bed, awake, light sleep, rem and deep sleep. While the sleep coach allows you to understand what time you should be going to bed and waking according to your sleep patterns and the amount of sleep you need. There are two sleep coaches one, you can set for how much sleep you would like from just enough to getting 100% of your sleep need. The second is a tracker that tracks circadian rhythm and what time best suites your personal sleep and wake times. Overall, the sleep tracker can definitely improve your sleep performance.

Get up real time strain feed back

Strain feature always you to see your real time strain along with activity recording.

The first thing you will notice is the strain tracker on the whoop is from 0 low strain to 21 very high strain and will increase throughout the day depending on your stress and activity levels. Next they give you an index and preferred strain based on your recovery score for the day. Strain tracking is also good for understanding your stress and how it impacts your body’s strain throughout the day. Finally, it is also perfect to understand how impactful your day was and how hard you can still push yourself at the gym or whatever adventure you are on.

See your health report’s

Every week you weel receive a weekly health report. You will also get a monthly report at the end of each month.

First is the weekly report. In this report you will get your weekly metrics of sleep, strain, recovery and how well you balanced your strain and recovery. This is great information to tell how your body is reacting to new workouts or weekly stresses. Overall, it’s an awesome way to keep up with your fitness.

Next is the monthly report. The monthly report has some of the information mentioned in the weekly report and a whole lot more. You will be able to see your full months review of fitness and if you made any improvements in your health markers. On top of that every morning you have a journal log with questions that you picked. In this monthly report you will get access to how well the things you did positively impact your recovery or dampened it. These questions range from late nigh meals to using your phone in bed. In conclusion the monthly report gives you a full in-depth view of your health.

Head over to whoop

Finally, head over to the whoop website and check out all the awesome benefits this wearable can offer you!

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