Thera gun pro

Thera gun pro complete review

The Thera gun is an awesome piece of recovery tech in the fitness world. The Thera gun was designed to give you targeted relief of sore muscles and getting rid of those stubborn knots. Thera gun is also a really good way of fixing Mio facia  of tight muscles and loosening them up.

Thera gun attachments

Thera gun has a good set of attachments to choose from. Of the 6 attachments there is a super soft, ball, dampener, cone, wedge and thumb attachment.

First, the cone and thumb attachment are amazing for deep tissue work and breaking up those pesky knots.

Second, is the wedge, which I find to be very helpful to work on your IT band down the side of your legs.

Next, is the dampener which is really good to use on bigger muscle groups such as your quads, hamstrings and glutes. The ball can be used for smaller muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, arms, hand, feet, chest and back.

Finally, and my favorite is the super soft attachment I like to use it for sore muscles as it dampens a lot of the force and gives you a soothing vibration to help those sore muscles after the gym or just a hard day at work.

left to right top to bottom: Super soft, Dampener, wedge, thumb, ball and cone

Massage from any angle

You have 90 degrees of movement to help get any spot you need comfortably

This is an awesome benefit along with the triangle shape grip really allows you to use this at any angle. Reach your back to your toes with ease all with a quick move of the arm. Use it standing, sitting or lying down and find your perfect massage.

The new, 4th generation

The 3rd generation of Thura gun has 2 speeds and the 4th generation has 5 speeds and integrated app to help track your you time speeds and has a routine to follow. The Thera gun has everything you need to get started on better recovery and less sore muscles.

Thera gun case

   Thera gun comes with a very nice soft-shell case with tons of padding and room to store everything you need in one place. Also comes with two batteries, charger, 6 head attachments and a bag to store the attachments. The case is great for traveling and bringing along to the gym or just nice to have everything in one place. The case is an awesome addition to help protect your Thera gun investment.

The price

   The Thera gun pro is the most expensive right now on sale for the holidays at 449 dollars US on amazon. So now I know that’s a lot for a massaging device and is it worth the price. First, you need to ask yourself what you are looking for in a massage gun, well if you are still reading up to this point, I assume you are looking for a high-quality percussive massager. Also consider, the Thera gun was designed to be the best device for psychical therapy and clinical settings so it can hold up to the most extreme day to day use. lastly, the quality is almost unmatched and is the quietest massager in the industry. All in all, I think the price is very reasonable for the quality equipment you will receive.

Thera Gun Conclusion  

in conclusion, the Thera gun one of my favorite pieces of workout tech I own. It took me almost a year to finally invest and buy my Thera gun and since I have owned it, I couldn’t be happier. The only thing I wish was different is that I would have ordered it sooner. I use Thera gun every day and I absolutely love it. So, it’s a little biased because I love. Check out amazon and read some reviews if you still are not sure. But I think you will be.