Mini resistance band workouts

Mini bands

Mini resistance band workouts

There are tons of mini resistance band workouts out there. What I’m going to do is try to walk you through a few easy workouts to get started. Mini bands are an awesome way to het in a workout at the gym or on the go. They are small and fit away nicely in your gym bag or luggage. Finally, the best part is mini bands are awesome to use as warmups or finishers and can be added to any workout routine with ease.

Mini Bands
Firts what are mini resistance bands

Mini Resistance Bands

Well mini bands are small elastic loops that have varying degrees of difficulty. The colors of the bands are used to identify the resistance. From beginners in fitness to advanced, anyone can benefit from using mini bands.

How to get started.

Easy guide to get started

Gitting started is easy, start in a standing position with the band around ankles or feet. Now step out to one side for 10 reps and then repeat on the other side. This is a great exercise to activate hips and glutes. Now do the same exercise but now by stepping out forward and then backwards for 10 reps each leg. This is also an awesome way to warm up your hips, glutes and legs before squatting or doing any kind of leg workouts.

extended Hips and glutes

Mini resistance band for legs and glutes

Another great warm up to activate your hips, legs and glutes is the zombie or Frankenstein walk. You start in the same athletic poster and just walk forward pushing your legs out at 45 degrees keeping tension on the band. Your hips and glutes will surely be feeling it after a few sets.

hip flexor

This is a great hip flexor drill

This hip flexor drill is great for activating and strengthening your hip flexors. You will stand in the same athletic stance and simply lift up one leg to 90 degrees. This muscle has a bad reputation of causing back pain, but it is important for any kind of fast pace running or jumping activities. So, don’t overlook this in your training. The hip flexor is an important muscle and if you are into running or sports id really advice you to do more research on hip flexor strength.

mini resistance band upper body workouts

Mini band exercise, upper body

You can do a number of workouts for your upper body with mini resistance bands. including chest, back, and shoulders. You can even do biceps and triceps. Let’s get int it!

Mini band around wrists
Mini resistance band upper body workouts

Chest Workout

Start by laying on the floor back flat and elbows on the floor with band around wrists. Now engage your back and put tension on the band. Raise your arms up until they are straight out. Keep tension on the bands and lower back to the starting position. Repeat this for 10 to 12 reps.

mini resistance band upperbody workout

Mini band back workout

Sitting down with your legs out straight forward and band around your feet. Make sure to sit tall with core engaged and shoulders pulled down and behind you. Grab the band with one hand and pull hand to your midsection and to the side make sure to squeeze the back and feel those back muscles. Repeat on the on the other side for 10 to 12 reps.

mini RESISTANCE band upperbody workout

Mini band Shoulder workout

Standing with bands around wrist at shoulder height. Stand up straight with head tucked down, shoulders back, keep core tight and knees slightly bent. Put tension on the band by pushing slightly out with your hands now raise hands above head, hold and move back to the starting position. This is a great warm up to get your shoulders and rotator cuff warmed up for overhead press.

mini RESISTANCE band upperbody workout

Mini Band Rotator Cuff exercise

Standing up with arms 90 degrees and to your side and the band around wrists. Began by setting the shoulders back and elbows tucked to your sides. Now move your arms away from your body with your hand facing each other. repeat this for 10 reps. this movement can also be used with multiple hand positions including face up, face down and palms toward each other.