Fitness technology to crush 2022

Fitness technology for 2022

Let’s get into so awesome fitness technology to help you jump start your 2022 and crush this year. There is quite a bit of buzz around fitness tech lately from home gym, fitness trackers, and recovery tools. Now let’s check them out



When it comes to the absolute best in fitness recovery it has to be the Theragun. First, is there percussion massage device designed for deep tissue work as well as light massaging with 5 different speeds and pressure settings. Also, come with 2 batteries always have power, 6 heads and a case to be stored away neatly. Theragun is without a doubt a must have in your recovery bag.

Innstar Resistance band set

Never be left with out of the gym or without equipment again. With this set of resistant bands, straps, and bar you will have everything you need to get in any kind of workout with squat weight ranging from 55 to 135 pounds depending on the set. Bench press weight from 80 to 200 pounds depending on the set. Always find time to get in the perfect workout as it also comes with a 20-page booklet for home workouts. All in all, this band set comes with everything you need its practically a gym in a bag.

Tangram smart rope

Step up the average jump rope workout with a smart rope. Tangram smart rope will show you in real time what the jump count on the rope as you exercise. Bluetooth to the free app to track time calories, time and compete with friends. Get more information on your workouts and keep yourself motivated with this smart rope.

Power Beats Pro

Get 9 hours of play time so you will always have a charge at the gym. Also have extremely fast charging case with 5 minutes of charge getting you 1.5 hours of play time. These are great for the gym as they are sweat and water-resistant which is excellent for the sauna. Aswell as having an extended range of Bluetooth to almost never have interruptions. Also comes in 7 colors. Check out all the features of these headphones on amazon and see what people have to say.

Theragun foam roller

We already seen theragun I know, I know but this is their foam roller, and it deserves a spot on this list as well. This roller also has 5 vibrating setting to find the perfect massage you need. The perfect size to hit big muscles groups like back and leg. Find you perfect muscle release with this vibrating roller that’s sure to loosen any muscles.