Best vibrating foam roller 2022

I have here 7 of the best vibrating foam rollers to get you started in 2022. Based on customer reviews, battery life, charge times, features and overall usability.

Disclaimer: all Amazon bestseller ranking for foam rollers is from date of publish.


Health Smart Foam roller

First off is the battery giving you 180 minutes on a 2-hour charge. The features on this roller are nice with 4 vibration levels. A unique contoured allows for use on any muscle group. The roller is 11.5 inches in length by 4.75 inches in width while weighing in at 3 pounds and should fit into most gym bags. All in all, this is a good foam roller to have in your home or on the go and is currently number 12 on Amazon bestselling foam rollers.


Fitindex Foam Roller

Starting with the battery, the Fitindex foam roller will hold a charge for 2 hours on the highest vibration level. This roller has a much longer charge time coming in at 5hours for a full charge. Charging is easy though, with a USB charging port. While providing you with a large screen to view battery levels and vibration levels. The difference with this roller is the 3 uniquely designed waves and ripples giving a fully customized deep tissue release to get into the tightest of muscles. Fitinex foam roller also has 5 vibration settings ranging from 2400 rpm to 3400 rpm. This roller measures 14.26 inches in length by 5.95 inches in width and weighs 3.11 pounds. In conclusion, it is another handy tool and is currently number 24 in Amazon foam rollers best sellers.


Kingfit VF2 Foam Roller

Again, we will start with the battery. The VF2 comes with a 2000mAh battery pack with 60 to 190 minutes of run time depending on power. As well as achieving a full charge in 3-5 hours and a Typ-C data cable for charging. VF2 has 5 massage settings and 2 different patters waves and diamonds. This is also the only foam roller to have a remote to change the intensity levels. The VF2 is a bit smaller coming in at 12 inches in length and 3.9 inches in width and weighing 2.9 pounds. In conclusion can go wrong with the VF2 and is currently ranked 30 on Amazon for foam rollers.



We have another Fitindex foam roller This one is a little cheaper but still packed with features. To start off, this roller has a 2200mAh battery that will last for 4 hours and a charge time of 3 hours using an AC adaptor. Next, is the features as it comes with ripple lines down the whole body and also has 4 vibration settings. Finally, this roller comes in at 15.75 inches in length and 5.75 inches in width, while coming in at 1.98 pounds the lightest roller on the list. Fitindex is ranked number 31 on Amazons bestselling foam rollers.


Theragun wave vibrating foam roller

Theragun is in the fitness world with their percussion massagers. They now have a foam roller. To start with the battery always for 3 hours of massage time you can also purchase a wireless charger sold separately if that makes a big difference. The roller has a flat wave pattern made from high density foam and has 5 vibrating speeds. Theraguns roller can also connect to a Bluetooth device such as a phone or tablet to view custom Theragun workouts. This roller measures in at 13.35 inches in length by 8.43 inches in width which is defiantly with widest on this lest and also the heaviest at 6.28 pounds. In conclusion this is another great roller it is on the more expensive side of the price but is currently 34 on Amazons bestselling foam rollers.


Kingfit VF1

Are secound double on this list in the kingfit VF1 foam roller. VF1 roller in comparison with the VF2 is very similar. The battery will last 3 – 6 hours depending on intensity. Similar, to the VF2 the VF1 has five vibration intensity had also has a nice led lights on the front to visibly show charge and intensity. The VF1 does not come with a remote but does have 3 different massage areas. A large area small dimples and a medium size round roll. All and all, the VF1 is very similar to the VF2 but the differences are a enought to contemplate between the 2. Finally, this roller measures in at 11.6 inches in length by 3.9 inches in width and weighing in at 2.2 pounds and is currently number 55 on Amazon bestselling foam rollers.


Vulken full size foam roller

The Vulken Foam roller is the only full-size vibrating foam roller. The Vulken also comes with a 2200mAh battery charged by an AC adaptor yielding 4 hours of battery life. Features 4 speeds but unlike the previous foam rollers this has a pulsating setting to go form light to heavy vibration. Along with the pulsating vibration there are 3 more setting 1200rmp – 2000rpm and the highest setting at 3800rpm. As mentioned, this is a full-size fam roller measuring 17 inches in length by 6.06 inches wide and weighing in at 2.1 pounds. Finally, the Vulken foam roller is perfect if you are looking for a full-size roller and is currently ranked 150 on Amazon bestseller list for foam rollers.